Best-Selling Mulberry Papers | First Half 2024

The first half of 2024 has been an exciting period for Kozo Studio and our exquisite mulberry papers. Our customers' preferences have highlighted the beauty and versatility of mulberry paper, making some items stand out as top sellers. Here's a detailed look at the best-selling 20 mulberry papers that have captivated our customers:

  1. Thin White Kozo Paper (45 gsm)

      Perfect for delicate projects, this white mulberry paper has become a staple for artists and crafters alike. Its lightweight and smooth texture make it ideal for applications ranging from calligraphy to printmaking. The high-quality pulp provides durability and enhances ink absorbency despite its thinness.

      Thin White Kozo Paper (45 gsm)

      • Handmade Rose Kozo Mulberry Paper (White)

        The subtle elegance of handmade rose patterns on white mulberry paper has made this a favorite for special projects. Each sheet is crafted with care, featuring delicate rose impressions that add a touch of sophistication to wedding invitations, greeting cards, and collage projects. The unique texture and gentle translucency of the paper enhance the visual appeal of any artistic endeavor.

        Handmade Rose Kozo Mulberry Paper White

        • Handmade Fishnet Kozo Paper (White)

            This unique fishnet design offers texture and style, ideal for creative and decorative uses. The intricate fishnet pattern provides a stunning visual effect, making it perfect for overlaying on other papers, lampshade, and mixed media art. Its robust construction allows for versatile applications while maintaining the lightweight characteristics.

            Handmade Fishnet Kozo Paper (White), Kozo Studio

            • Handmade Kobe Kozo Paper (White)

                Known for its unique thread pattern, this mulberry paper has been a go-to for professional collage and lampshade makers. Its strength and flexibility allow for various artistic techniques, ensuring a flawless finish every time

                Handmade Kobe Kozo Paper (White), Kozo Studio

                • Handmade Interlace Kozo Paper (White)

                    The intricate interlace design has inspired many to incorporate it into their artistic endeavors. This paper features a random lattice pattern that adds depth and dimension to any project. Its soft, tactile surface is perfect for fine art applications.

                    Handmade Interlace Kozo Paper (White), Kozo Studio

                    • Handmade Lace Kozo Paper (Egypt)

                        This exotic variation of our lace mulberry paper has been particularly popular among those looking for something unique. The Egyptian lace pattern adds an exotic flair to traditional paper crafts. Handmade Lace Kozo Papers are crafted frame by frame using a very unique technique called "Rakusui.

                        Handmade Lace Kozo Paper (Egypt)

                        • Handmade Beehive Kozo Paper (White)

                            The beehive pattern provides a modern touch to traditional paper, appealing to a wide range of customers. This paper's geometric design offers a contemporary twist, making it suitable for modern art projects and interior décor. The sturdy yet lightweight nature of the Kozo mulberry paper ensures it can be used in various applications without compromising on quality.

                            Handmade Beehive Kozo Mulberry Paper (White)

                            • A4 Decoupage Unryu Kozo Washi Paper (40 Sheets, 30 gsm)

                                Lightweight and versatile, this mulberry paper has been a top choice for decoupage enthusiasts. The Unryu fibers create a unique silky texture that adds depth to decoupage projects, while the paper's thinness allows for seamless application. You can easily print your own design using inkjet to make one of a kind collage paper at your home. The large pack size ensures you have plenty of material for extensive projects.

                                A4 Decoupage Unryu Kozo Washi Paper (40 Sheets, 30 gsm)

                                • Handmade Buddha Leaf Kozo Paper (Natural)

                                    Incorporating natural elements, this mulberry paper has been admired for its organic beauty. The inclusion of real Buddha leaves in the paper adds a unique and natural aesthetic, making it perfect for nature-themed projects and eco-friendly crafts. Its earthy tones and textures create a serene and harmonious look, ideal for meditation journals, natural décor, and botanical art.

                                    Handmade Buddha Leaf Mulberry Paper (Natural)

                                    • White Kozo Paper (70 gsm, 64x94 cm)

                                        A robust option for larger projects, this medium-weight mulberry paper is perfect for professional prints that require both robustness and delicate texture. Its substantial thickness provides excellent durability, while the smooth surface ensures crisp and vibrant color application.

                                        White Kozo Paper (70 gsm, 64x94 cm), Kozo Studio

                                        • Asarakusui Lace Mulberry Paper (Natural)

                                            This lace mulberry paper adds a delicate touch to any project, making it a favorite among crafters. The intricate random holes are perfect for adding a touch of oriental beauty to variety of crafts and decors. The natural color complements a wide range of color schemes, while the paper's texture adds a tactile element that enhances the overall aesthetic of your creations.

                                            Asarakusui Lace Mulberry Paper (Natural)

                                            • Flexi Mulberry Bark (White/Natural)

                                                This mulberry bark product is ideal for projects that require a natural, textured finish. It's perfect for creating handmade journals, rustic décor, and artisanal lampshades. The flexibility of the bark allows for easy manipulation, making it a versatile choice for creative endeavors.

                                                Flexi Mulberry Bark (White/Natural)

                                                • Milano Kozo Paper - Design 8

                                                    One of our exclusive designs, Milano Kozo Paper has continued to impress with its vibrant color and luxurious texture. The detailed design and high-quality mulberry fibers make it suitable for luxury crafts and decorative purposes. Each sheet is crafted by skilled artisans, ensuring that the intricate patterns stand out and enhance the beauty of your projects.

                                                    Milano Kozo Mulberry Paper - Design 8

                                                    • Kinwashi (Natural Abaca Paper)

                                                        This natural abaca mulberry paper has been cherished for its unique texture and strength. The Kinwashi paper combines the durability of abaca fibers with the softness of mulberry, creating a versatile material suitable for various artistic techniques. It's ideal for calligraphy, printmaking, and mixed media art. The paper's natural color and texture add a rustic charm to any project.

                                                        Kinwashi (Natural Abaca Paper), Kozo Studio

                                                        • Milano Kozo Paper - Design 7

                                                            Another stunning design from our Milano collection, favored for its vibrant flaming design.

                                                            Milano Kozo Mulberry Paper - Design 7

                                                            • Milano Kozo Paper - Design 6

                                                                The third in our series of Milano designs. This one come with mixture of elegant colors.

                                                                Milano Kozo Mulberry Paper - Design 6

                                                              • Handmade Fishnet Kozo Paper (Black)

                                                                  The dramatic black fishnet design has found its place in more bold and daring projects. This paper's striking contrast and unique pattern make it suitable for modern art, fashion design, and dramatic interior accents. The robust Kozo fibers ensure durability, allowing for various creative applications. It's perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their work.

                                                                  Handmade Fishnet Kozo Paper (Black), Kozo Studio

                                                                  • Full Mulberry Bark Unryu Paper

                                                                      A premium choice for those seeking the full experience of mulberry bark's texture and strength. This paper offers the natural beauty and durability of mulberry bark, making it perfect for eco-friendly projects and organic art. The Unryu fibers add a unique texture, enhancing the paper's visual and tactile appeal. It's ideal for large-scale artworks, rustic decorations, and natural-themed crafts.

                                                                      Full Mulberry Bark Unryu Paper, Kozo Studio

                                                                      • Chiri Kozo Paper Natural (45 gsm)

                                                                          Chiri Kozo is a type of washi paper that is made by mixing tiny particles of kozo bark to the pulp. This gives the paper its unique texture and look. Despite being thin, Chiri Kozo is incredibly flexible, making it a popular choice for conservation works as well as art and craft projects.

                                                                          Chiri Kozo Paper Natural (45 gsm), Kozo Studio

                                                                        • Unryu Kozo Paper (Natural)

                                                                            This classic Unryu paper features visually striking silky kozo strands and are known for their lightweight, translucent nature. Don't let their delicate appearance fool you - Unryu Kozo papers are also surprisingly strong, flexible, and versatile.

                                                                            Unryu Kozo Paper (Natural)

                                                                          These best-selling mulberry papers reflect the diverse tastes of our customers. Whether for professional artwork, special projects, or everyday crafting, Kozo Studio's range of mulberry papers continues to inspire and enable creativity. We look forward to seeing what the rest of 2024 brings in terms of new favorites and timeless classics.

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