Creating a Rusty Effect on Mulberry Paper with Mags Woodcock

In the realm of creative art, experimenting with different materials can lead to stunning and unexpected results. Mags Woodcock, a mixed media artist known for her love of vintage-style craft, shows us a fascinating session with rusting powder and our mulberry paper (also known as Kozo paper, Washi, Hanji, and rice paper). This video session showcases the potential of combining our textured mulberry paper with the transformative effects of rust to create beautiful art pieces.

The video serves as both an introduction to this unique art form and a detailed guide on how to achieve these effects yourself.

An abstract rust study using rice papers and found objects

Mags' abstract rust study using mulberry papers and found objects

Mags' approachable and detailed tutorials are perfect for artists of all levels, from beginners looking for new mediums to explore, to seasoned professionals seeking inspiration for their next project. Check our her YouTube channel here.

At Kozo Studio, we've always believed in the boundless potential of paper and are proud to be part of the work of artists and creators who share our passion for this exquisite material. Share your creations with us at "" or via Instagram "Kozo Studio Thailand". We're excited to see your awesome work!

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