Shipping Guide - Shop with Peace of Mind

We understand that purchasing from overseas requires trust. Here, you will find a comprehensive guide covering our shipping procedures, expected delivery times, methods for tracking your orders, and resolutions. Our goal is to ensure that you feel completely at ease and confident in making a purchase with us.

Shipping procedures

  • After receiving your order, we typically require one day (excluding Sundays and holidays) to prepare and securely package your items. All items are shipped from our warehouse in Thailand.
  • Nearly all packages are handled by Thailand Post, which partners with local postal services in your country for final delivery. For example, in the US, packages are delivered by USPS; in the UK, by Royal Mail; and in Germany, by Deutsche Post.
  • Once the package leaves Thailand and enters your country, it undergoes customs clearance. While purchases from our website do not incur taxes or duties, your order may be subject to import duties and taxes, especially in the European Union. To avoid potential customs delays, you may consider purchasing from our Etsy shop, KozoStudioTH. Etsy handles the upfront payment of both duties and taxes. Please note, however, that we cannot declare a lower package value on Etsy shipments.
  • After customs clearance, the package will be handled by your local postal service for final delivery to your doorstep.

Expected delivery times (Economic shipping option)

Based on the statistics from thousands of deliveries made between March 2023 and March 2024, we can give you an idea of when you will receive your package. The table below shows the average total delivery time (from our warehouse to your doorstep) and the likelihood of the package being delivered within respective time windows. In short, wherever you are, there is more than a 95% chance that the package will be delivered within 3 weeks and about a 70-80% chance that it will be delivered in just 2 weeks.

Estimated delivery time Kozo Studio

Express delivery

Normally, orders are delivered using the economical shipping option, allowing us to offer you a great deal on shipping costs. However, you can expedite delivery to guarantee it in less than 12 days by emailing us at to use the Express Mail Service (EMS). Please contact us before placing the order.

Tracking your orders

When your order has shipped, you will receive an automated email notification from us, which will include a tracking number with an embedded link you can use to check its status. Please allow 24 hours for the tracking information to become available.

It's essential to monitor your package's status 10-15 days after ordering. There are occasions when it could be withheld at customs pending payment, or there might have been an unsuccessful delivery attempt, leading to your package sitting at the closest post office awaiting your collection.

Failed deliveries and refund

All packages are expected to arrive within 30 days; deliveries taking longer are considered unsuccessful. Our failure rate is approximately 0.2%. Below are the most common issues and refund eligibility conditions:

  • Uncollected Package: If the local postal service attempts to deliver your package once or twice and cannot leave it at your location, they may leave a notice for you to collect the package from the nearest post office, typically holding it for 10-15 days. To find out who to contact or scheduling another delivery, please check the tracking link provided. If you do not collect the item within the specified period, it will be sent back to us. Following its return, you will receive a refund, excluding shipping costs.
  • Customs Payment Failure: If your package is withheld at customs because taxes and duties haven't been paid, and you don't settle these payments, the package will be sent back to us. Once we receive it, you'll be refunded the cost of your purchase, but not the shipping fees. Again, if you prefer to avoid the procedure and expedite the process, you might consider making a purchase through our Etsy store.
  • Wrong Address: If you enter an incorrect address, the package will be returned to us. You will receive a refund, excluding the shipping cost.
  • Damaged Goods: You qualify for a full refund if the items are damaged. Please send photo or video proof and your order number to for verification. No return needed. Kozo Studio has the final authority to determine the credibility of your claim.
  • Missing or Wrong Items: Should any items be missing from your order, inform us immediately. You can choose between a partial refund or having the missing items sent to you at no extra charge. No return needed. Please note that we record a precise package weight data to prevent fraudulent claims.
Two primary reasons for delay and unsuccessful deliveries are Customs Payment Failure and Uncollected Package. Therefore, it's important to monitor your shipment's progress!