Illuminating Artistry: Glōgoods Rice Paper Lamp
Kozo Studio is delighted to announce that we are now a supplier for Bette Allen's Glōgoods, a company renowned for its distinctive hand-made rice paper lamp creations. This collaboration combines our high-quality mulberry papers with her innovative approach to lighting, offering customers unique and sustainable lighting options.
A Comprehensive Guide to Using Mulberry Paper for Decoupage
Mulberry paper is quickly becoming a favorite in the decoupage community because of its high-quality texture, excellent ink absorption, strength, and Eco-friendliness. This guide will explore why mulberry paper stands out, its advantages for decoupage, and how you can use it in your crafts.
Choosing the Perfect Mulberry Paper for Lampshades: An Ultimate Guide
Among the myriad of options available, mulberry paper stands out as a unique and versatile choice for lampshades, combining durability with a delicate beauty that can transform any space. This blog offers insights into selecting the perfect mulberry lampshade paper for your home or workspace.
Creating a Rusty Effect on Mulberry Paper with Mags Woodcock
Mags Woodcock, a mixed media artist celebrated for her passion for vintage-style crafts, demonstrates an intriguing method for creating a "rust" effect on mulberry papers.
From Tree to Textile: The Art of Crafting Flexi Mulberry Bark
This comprehensive guide explores the traditional and eco-friendly techniques employed in converting the bark of the paper mulberry tree, also known as the Kozo, into the highly sought-after and versatile Flexi Mulberry Bark.
Lemon&Butter Gyotaku Club: Introducing the Ancient Art of Gyotaku in Modern Thailand
The 'Lemon&Butter Gyotaku Club', led by Jaturun and Deeni, is reinvigorating the art of 'Gyotaku' (Japanese fish printing). Utilizing Kozo Studio’s Washi Paper, known for its exquisite detail capturing ability, their prints tell unique stories. This synergy between traditional Gyotaku art and Kozo Studio’s papers not only creates stunning art pieces but also fosters a community of enthusiasts.
Kozo Studio in Helen's 100 Papery Picks of 2023
Wrap up this year with Helen's 100 Papery Picks 2023, an essential guide celebrating the artistry and innovation of paper. This roundup highlights everything from handmade papers to advanced crafting techniques, proudly featuring Kozo Studio for our commitment to exquisite, sustainable papermaking. Let this collection inspire your creativity and passion for paper as we step into a year brimming with potential and beautiful, innovative art. Embrace the craft and community with us as we look forward to a 2024 full of paper wonders!
Woodcut Printing on Mulberry Paper with Hyperfolk Studio
Mathew of Hyperfolk Studio is a freelance illustrator and designer known for his unique digital illustrations that merge hand-drawn and digital elements. Recently, he explores printmaking, utilizing traditional techniques and our mulberry paper to create authentic woodcut prints.
Perfect Mulberry Papers for Gyotaku
Gyotaku, a traditional Japanese fish printing art, primarily uses 'Washi Paper,' known as Kozo, Mulberry, Hanji, or Rice Paper. This paper, made from Paper Mulberry bark, is crucial for its detail capture and texture. This article reviews our top mulberry papers ideal for Gyotaku.
Ephemeral Elegance with Mulberry Paper: Stephanie Reynolds and the Art of Paper Couture
Explore the enchanting world of artist Stephanie Reynolds, where intricate paper couture comes alive. Discover how she masterfully weaves stories using the delicate and beautiful mulberry papers, creating wearable art that challenges perceptions and celebrates creativity.
Papeterie's Magic: Transforming Mulberry Papers into Beautiful Flowers
Discover the mesmerizing world of paper flowers crafted by Papeterie, an exceptional artist from Thailand. Explore how the vibrant colors and unique textures of mulberry papers from Kozo Studio fuel her artistic imagination, resulting in a stunning array of lifelike blooms.
FroyleArt's Mixed Media Mastery with Kozo Studio's Mulberry Papers
Discover the boundless creativity of mixed media artist Froyle Davies (FroyleArt) in collaboration with Kozo Studio. In this blog post, we'll delve into her favorite mulberry papers from Kozo Studio, the relation of art and self-discovery, and Froyle's ongoing project "100 Days of Collage".
Enhance Your Home Decor with Mulberry Paper: Ideas and Inspiration
Incorporating mulberry paper, also known as Kozo paper, Washi, or rice paper, into your home decor is a wonderful way to infuse elegance and uniqueness into your living space. Its versatility and timeless appeal make it a material worth considering for your next decor project. From window coverings to lampshades, wall art to table settings, mulberry paper offers countless possibilities to elevate your home decor to new heights.
Discovering the Magic of Mulberry Paper: Origins, Production, and Creative Uses
Explore the world of Mulberry Paper, also known as Kozo Paper, Washi, Hanji, and Rice Paper. Learn about its rich history, traditional production process, and diverse applications for art, home decor, and more.
Making a Beautiful Sugarcane Paper
Following the sugar pressing, the sugarcane bagasse can be utilized in the production of paper. But how exactly do you make a fine sugarcane paper? Let’s find out!
The Role of Kozo Paper in Traditional Thai Kite Flying
Kozo paper possesses qualities such as strength, flexibility, lightness, and paintability that make it suitable for crafting kites. While cheaper colored wax papers are commonly used in modern kite-making, a community of traditional kite enthusiasts opt for mulberry paper in their kite crafting.
The difference between Washi, Hanji, Sangpi, Rice Paper, Mulberry Paper, and Kozo Paper
Although a bread aficionado can easily distinguish between Baguette Classique, Baguette Tradition, Baguette de Campagne, Ficelle, or Pain Bâtard, a paper enthusiast may not discern the variances between these mulberry papers.
Preserving Old Books: A Guide to Paper Conservation with Kozo Paper
Using kozo paper in paper conservation is a great way to protect important paper-based artifacts for a long time. The National Library of Thailand is doing an amazing job in this field, and it's really worth appreciating their efforts. Learn how they do it here!
Unryu Paper: The Paper That Brings Movement to Your Crafts
Undoubtedly, Unryu paper possesses a remarkable beauty with its long fibers gracefully floating in multiple directions, translucent texture, delicate character, and an impeccable wow-factor.
Let's go banana! The Story About Our Banana Papers
When banana fruits and leaves are harvested, their stems and trunks are usually thrown away. So, we have a ton (I mean, a TON) of leftover banana stems and trunks just lying around. Fortunately, we have a way to make the most out of them!
Just about everything about kozo plants
Kozo papers are well-known among paper enthusiasts, but not many people know about the plant that that brings life to the papers. So, let’s dive in and explore the fascinating plant itself!