Since 1985, Kozo Studio has been proudly serving creative minds all over the world with our high-quality kozo papers (also known as washi, hanji, mulberry paper, and rice paper). We are passionate about providing the perfect kozo paper for your art, craft, and conservation projects.

A humble beginning

Kozo Studio is a subsidiary of KT Paper, a long-time trusted global supplier of kozo papers. We are located in Sukhothai, a historic city in lower northern Thailand, where native kozo plants are abundant.

We began our mulberry paper business as a manufacturer and exporter to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and later expanded our market to Europe and the US. We focus and continue to offer variety of high quality products with on-time delivery.

Breathing new life into the ancient art of papermaking

Kozo or paper mulberry plant played a significant role in the history of paper. Dating back nearly two millennia, it was used for papermaking in China, Japan, and Korea. In today's industrialized world, the uniqueness of Kozo paper has found its place in the pleasing world of art and craft. Kozo Studio works closely with designers and artisans to turn new ideas into reality.

Go green and be seen

Kozo paper requires significantly fewer natural resources and chemicals to make, compared to its wood-based counterparts. We also incorporate other natural materials from agricultural by-products, such as sugarcane, bamboo, and mango into our works.

World map made with kozo pulp

Our mill

21/1 Moo. 13 Si Satchanalai rd., Pa Kum Ko, Sawankhalok, Sukhothai 64110, Thailand


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