Our Papermaking Process

Step into the world of Kozo Studio, where the time-honored tradition of mulberry paper making is preserved with a touch of modern finesse. Here, each sheet of paper is a story of quality and sustainability. Our artisans, with skilled hands and an eye for detail, weave together ancient techniques and contemporary practices to create a paper that is not only beautiful and versatile but also environmentally friendly.

Explore the meticulous journey of our mulberry paper making here.

Kozo plant, also known as paper mulberry tree, is harvested and the bark is stripped off the branches.

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The barks are being dried in the sun.

Harvesting and selling kozo barks are one of the sources of income for the locals around Sukhothai, a small city in the lower-northern part of Thailand.

Categorizing the barks by their age and quality

Washing and soaking the strips of kozo bark overnight to soften the fiber

These soaked barks are then cooked, turning them into soft yet strong fiber.

This fiber can also be bleached, if required.

Perfectly cooked kozo bark can be spread apart, revealing a mesh of fibers.

Carefully inspecting the tissue and picking out any bits of impurities or knots of fiber by hand.

Kozo tissues can be kept for a long time in humid condition. Our kozo tissue is trusted and sought-after by washi makers in both Japan and South Korea.

When it's time to make the papers, the kozo tissues are beaten until they become a fine pulp. This pulp is ready to be used for crafting beautiful kozo papers.

Preparing to craft handmade papers by evenly dispersing the pulp in a special solution.

Unique technique is used to displace the pulp to make Handmade Lace Kozo papers.

Marble papers are carefully hand-crafted by floating a kozo paper on
top of swirling oil colors.

The finished kozo papers are left to dry.

A meticulous QC process ensures that our product quality meets the high standards.  

We carefully pack our products to avoid wrinkles and damages.

We also accept wholesale order. Please contact us at admin@kozo.studio for special bulk order price or if you are interested in working with us as a reseller/distributor.