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Delicate but strong
Manila hemp infused papers
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New designs available
Handmade Lace
Intricate Rakusui Kozo papers
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Natural kozo paper sugarcane paper mango paper and banana paper
Beauty from nature
Natural Inclusion
Mulberry papers with Eco-friendly ingredients
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Gentle and sophisticated
Handmade Rose
Hand-drawn pulp circles on a thin sheet of mulberry paper
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The mainstay
Color Kozo Papers
Myriad of shades for your paper crafts
Unryu (Silky) Plain (Smooth)
Creative Corner
Explore beautiful projects featuring kozo papers, all contributed by our amazing clients and friends.
Mixed Materials Collection
fusion of creativity and sustainability
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Milano Marble
Stunningly beautiful kneaded marble kozo papers
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Premium Washi for
Printmaking Painting & Calligraphy
Superior paper to accentuate your art
Imagination through abtraction
The Thread Series
Marble Kozo Mulberry Paper - Design 6
Marble Kozo
Kozo papers with swirling oil colors
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Repairing old books using kozo washi papers
Special Washi Papers For
A choice for museum-quality archival works

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Crafting Artistry with Mulberry Paper

Welcome to Kozo Studio, your source for high-quality decorative papers perfect for art, crafts, and design projects. Our expertise shines in the creation of papers made from the bark of mulberry trees, often known as Kozo, Washi, Mulberry Paper, or Rice Paper. Discover more about our paper-making process by exploring the link below.