Illuminating Artistry: Glōgoods Rice Paper Lamp

Kozo Studio is delighted to announce that we are now a supplier for Bette Allen's Glōgoods, a company renowned for its distinctive hand-made rice paper lamp creations. This collaboration combines our high-quality mulberry papers with her innovative approach to lighting, offering customers unique and sustainable lighting options.

Bette of GloGoods LLC Paper Lamp

 Bette Allen's GloGoods, a company renowned for its distinctive hand-made paper lamps.

Bette is an entrepreneur with a rich background spanning over 25 years of diverse experience working with light and shadow in film, photography, television and video production in which she has developed a deep appreciation for light and design.

She has a lifelong fascination with light, a theme that has been present since her childhood. She recalls being captivated by the glow-in-the-dark stars and the bubble lights on her Christmas tree. This fascination extended into her adult life, evident in her preference for soft, ambient lighting in her living spaces, achieved through strings of tiny bulbs and candlelight.

Botanical Mulberry Papers from Thailand

Botanical mulberry papers from Thailand

Drawing from her extensive background in working with light and shadow, Bette has transitioned into a new phase of her career. She has embraced her long-standing vision of herself as an artist, now creating artworks that incorporate light as a central element. This shift represents a natural progression of her talents and interests, merging her technical skills with her artistic inclinations.

Bette Allen creates each of her paper lampshades from scratch, meticulously selecting from a variety of papers sourced from countries such as Nepal, Thailand, Japan, and India.

Glogoods Paper Lamp

Beautiful lamp from a combination of several rice papers

The frames for her lamps are constructed from oak doweling, chosen for its strength and durability, ensuring each lamp's longevity. Customers have the option to request other hardwoods for their lamp frames.

Banana Paper Lamps

Banana Fiber Kozo Paper Lamp by Glōgoods

Bette's range includes table and accent lamps that typically stand between 8 to 30 inches tall, while her floor lamps vary more significantly in height and width, catering to different spatial needs and design preferences.

Bamboo Leaf Kozo Paper Lamp
Bamboo Leaf Kozo Paper Lamp by Glōgoods

The design options for Glōgoods lamp are limitless. Select from solid jewel-toned or printed Lokta papers from Nepal, exquisitely textured botanical mulberry papers from Thailand, or decorative wraps from Cavallini & Co.

GloGoods Paper Lamps
Multitude of Glōgoods paper lamps

Bette Allen’s transition from media production to light artistry underscores a career driven by creativity and a passion for visual storytelling. Now based in Seattle, Washington, she continues to explore and expand her artistic capabilities. You can visit her website through this link. She also has an Instagram account here.

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