Kozo Studio in Helen's 100 Papery Picks of 2023

As we turn the page into the new year, it's a time of celebration and reflection for paper lovers everywhere, and what better way to commemorate this than by diving into Helen's 100 Papery Picks for 2023?

This beloved annual tradition has once again brought forth a treasure trove of paper marvels, highlighting the finest in paper artistry and innovation. From the tactile joy of handmade papers to the cutting-edge techniques of paper folding, this curated list is a testament to the enduring charm and versatility of paper. Join us as we explore some of the brightest stars in the paper cosmos, including our very own Kozo Studio, recognized for our dedication and innovation in the world of papermaking.

Helen's 100 Papery Picks 2023 is an annual roundup by Helen Hiebert celebrating her favorite paper-related items, from unique papers and techniques to inspiring artists and tutorials. This third edition offers a diverse selection of 100 papery things, including tools, tutorials, and inspirations, along with online resources and books. Helen shares insights into various paper types, creative paper transformations, and the remarkable community contributing to this craft. The article serves as a comprehensive guide for paper enthusiasts and creators, inviting readers to explore, share, and engage with the world of paper art and craftsmanship.

At Kozo Studio, we are honored to be featured in Helen's distinguished list of 100 Papery Picks for 2023. We take pride in our process that transforms the robust fibers of the kozo plant into exquisite mulberry papers, offering an array of textures and hues for artists and enthusiasts around the world. Our commitment to quality and sustainability in paper production is reflected in each sheet we create, and we are thrilled to share our passion and craftsmanship with a global audience.

As we reflect on the myriad of paper artistry and innovation showcased in Helen's 100 Papery Picks for 2023, Kozo Studio extends heartfelt gratitude for being a part of this vibrant community. As the new year approaches, we wish all readers, creators, and paper enthusiasts a Happy New Year 2024! May this year bring you endless inspiration, creativity, and joy in all your papery pursuits. Thank you for embracing the art of papermaking with us, and here's to another year of beautiful, sustainable, and innovative paper art!

Kozo Studio's Mulberry paper gallery

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