Woodcut Printing on Mulberry Paper with Hyperfolk Studio

Mathew of Hyperfolk Studio is a talented freelance illustrator and designer originally from the Philippines. Since 2010, he has been living and working in Singapore. Mathew has a special talent for branding and creating illustrations for websites and user interfaces. His style is unique because he mixes digital techniques with hand-drawn elements, giving his work a special, organic touch. Over the years, Mathew has worked with several notable clients, including Mediacorp, Saleswhale, CandyBar, ReferralCandy, GlobaLeaks, and FossHost, creating various illustrations and designs for them.

Mathew of Hyperfolk Studio
Mathew of Hyperfolk Studio

In addition to his digital artistry, recently, Mathew's passion extends into the tactile world of printmaking. Despite considering himself an amateur in this area, he exhibits great understanding and skill. He likes using our mulberry paper, also known as Kozo Paper, Washi Paper, Hanji Paper, or Rice Paper as a medium. This paper is strong, smooth, receives ink well, and is, all in all, great for traditional print styles.

His favorite paper is Thin Natural Kozo Paper (45 gsm, 64x94 cm).

Mathew's woodcut printing on mulberry paper
Mathew's woodcut printing showcases his authentic art style. This picture depicts the Tikbalang, a Werehorse, is a mythical being from Philippine folklore, reputed to dwell in the mountainous regions and dense rainforests of the Philippines.

Mathew's approach to printmaking is hands-on. He utilizes a baren — a traditional printmaking tool — or even a simple spoon, to manually press the paper onto the inked woodblock. This method allows for a more controlled application, ensuring that each print is a unique piece of art.

woodblock printing on rice paper
Woodcut relief printing is the method Mathew employs.

The beauty of Mathew's prints lies in their simplicity and authenticity. The harmonious blend of beautiful, playful artwork with the natural texture of mulberry paper, paired with a refined relief printing technique, results in visually striking prints.

Relief woodblock printing on mulberry paper

Habulan, Manananggal No.1. 6x8” print on A4 Decoupage Plain Kozo Washi Paper. The Manananggal is a legendary entity from Philippine folklore known for its unique ability to detach its upper body from its lower half.

While Mathew's primary platform is digital illustration and drawing, as seen on his website and Instagram, his foray into printmaking reveals another dimension of his artistic persona. His journey in printmaking offers a glimpse into his broader creative spectrum.

Relief printingmaking with mulberry paper

Habulan, Manananggal No.2. 6x8” print on Thin Natural Kozo Paper (45 gsm, 64x94 cm)

To explore the diverse range of Mathew's creative work, from his digital illustrations to his printmaking projects, visit his website at Hyperfolk.design. For a more visual and regularly updated showcase of his art, follow his Instagram account @hyperfolkstudio, where he shares his ongoing projects and creative explorations.

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