Cheaper Shipping

Kozo Studio reduced shipping cost by 40%

Yes, shipping to the other side of the globe is very costly! We received many feedback from our valued customers and decided to make our products more accessible and affordable.

We are excited to announce that Kozo Studio has reduced the shipping cost for all products by 30-40%. Shipping to the US, Europe, and Asia is now starting from only $9.8, $8.5, and $6.0, respectively. Moreover, we still offer free shipping for orders exceeding $99.

At the time of checkout, the shipping cost that has been computed based on your order and shipping address will be displayed to you. You don't need to worry, as this step takes place prior to entering your payment details.

All shipping will arrive within 30 days but the actual shipping time should be a lot faster than that in normal circumstances.
US: Approximately 11-21 days
Europe: Approximately 11-15 days
Asia: Approximately 7-10 days
Thailand: Approximately 2 days

Please note that there are two major types of products in our store: parent sheets and A4 paper packs. Unfortunately, we cannot ship these two types of products together in a single package. If you order both types, the shipping cost will be the combination of two separate packages (except your order exceeds $99, the shipping will be free of charge).

Thank you for choosing Kozo Studio as your go-to destination for your papercraft needs!