FroyleArt's Mixed Media Mastery with Kozo Studio's Mulberry Papers

In the realm of contemporary visual art, the interplay of creativity and materials can lead to astonishing outcomes. Kozo Studio is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with the illustrious mixed media artist, Froyle Davies (FroyleArt).

Froyle Davies (FroyleArt)

With nearly 30 years of experience in the art world, Froyle's passion for unlocking the boundless potential of mixed media has earned her a lot of respect and following. In this blog post, we'll delve into her favorite mulberry papers from Kozo Studio, the relation of art and self-discovery, and Froyle's ongoing project "100 Days of Collage".

Vast Horizons Artwork by FroyleArt

'Vast Horizons,' a captivating 25 x 20cm mixed media collage. Layers of acrylic paint create a dynamic backdrop, while hand-painted textured kozo papers add depth and visual intrigue. The cool blue palette invites personal reflection. 

Treasured Time Piece Artwork by FroyleArt
'Treasured Timepiece,' a 25 x 20cm mixed media collage on premium watercolor paper. This captivating artwork blends various techniques, evoking cherished memories and preserving moments.

FroyleArt's Favorite Kozo Papers

FroyleArt's artistic journey is intricately woven with Kozo Studio's papers. She has been extensively using our papers long before we even launched our own brand! Her favorites include:

    Handmade Rose Kozo Paper: FroyleArt has a deep affection for Handmade Rose Paper, especially when it comes in white, black, and red. She uses these exquisite papers to adorn her canvas, allowing her artistic vision to flourish. The white mulberry paper serves as an ideal foundation for her creative color sprays, adding a touch of imagination to her work.
      White Handmade Rose Kozo Paper
      Handmade Rose Kozo Paper in White
      FroyleArt Artwork with Mulberry Papers

      The focal point of Froyle's artwork frequently revolves around the circular form of Handmade Rose Kozo Paper pulp, with this shape often serving as a powerful representation of unity and completeness.

      Handmade Beehive Kozo Paper: The Beehive Paper, available in black & white, also holds a special place in her heart. Its abstract pattern and aesthetic appeal complement her mixed media creations seamlessly.

      Handmade Beehive Kozo Paper
      Handmade Beehive Kozo Paper in black
      FroyleArt with Mulberry Paper
      The vibrant artwork by Froyle is adorned with smaller circles made from the handcrafted mulberry paper.
      Handmade Lace Paper: Another standout choice is the Handmade Lace Paper, especially Polkadot Pattern, adding a touch of elegance and intricacy to her artworks. This mulberry paper is crafted frame by frame using a very unique technique called "Rakusui" or  droping water to displace the pulp, resulting in delicately intricate designs.
      Handmade Lace Kozo Paper Polkadot Pattern
      Handmade Lace Kozo Paper (Polkadot)
      FroyleArt with Handmade Mulberry Papers
      Handmade Lace Kozo Paper helps added unique texture to the artwork

      Asarakusui Lace Paper: The Asarakusui Lace Paper in natural, black, & red. This unique paper is made from mulberry pulp and Abaca (Manila Hemp) by using the same ‘Rakusui’ technique. Asarakusui lends its special texture and enhance the depth of her works.

        Asarakusui Mulberry Paper
        Asarakusui Lace Paper (Natural)
        FroyleArt Artwork with Asarakusui Paper
        The Asarakusui paper's slightly textured surface and its translucent characteristics provide a distinctive tactile experience to the artwork.
        Milano Kozo: Milano Kozo is a stunningly beautiful marble paper that is created through a truly unique process. The paper is handcrafted by floating a kozo paper on top of swirling oil colors and hand-marbled piece by piece, resulting in a soft, crinkle, and fabric-like texture. This versatile paper is perfect for various art and crafting projects, and can even be used as decorative pieces on its own.
        Milano Marble Paper (Design 12; Purple)
        Milano Kozo Paper Collage by FroyleArt
        Milano along with Beehive papers on FroyleArt's 100 Days of Collage album
        The Power of Art for Self-Discovery

        Froyle has a thriving YouTube community and offers a Skillshare course where she demonstrates how effortlessly one can craft magnificent art that resonates with personal passion.

        What sets Froyle apart is her commitment to empowering others through art. She firmly believes that creativity has the power to transform lives, instilling confidence and fostering a positive self-view. Her classes are not just about technique; they are a journey of self-discovery, allowing participants to tap into their innate creativity.

        In her studio, she employs water-based materials, acrylic paint, iridescent inks, and, of course, a wide array of papers, including Kozo Studio's mulberry papers. Above all, her videos are fun-filled, promising a wealth of knowledge and an exciting exploration of self.

        FroyleArt Youtube Channel
        The FroyleArt YouTube channel is both entertaining and highly informative.

        100 Days of Collage

        FroyleArt's strong commitment to her art is clearly seen in her latest project, "100 Days of Collage." This impressive endeavor demonstrates her skill with different art materials and her creative way of telling stories through art. It also doubles as a helpful guide for anyone interested in making their own art. We're delighted that our mulberry papers are included in this project, contributing to the diversity and visual richness of each collage. 

        Stay tuned for more!

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