Papeterie's Magic: Transforming Mulberry Papers into Beautiful Flowers

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of providing our mulberry papers to an incredibly talented artist "Papeterie", a remarkable paper flower artist from the vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. Papeterie's unique talent lies in her ability to narrate her story through paper and scissors, magically transforming sheets of paper into an array of breathtaking, lifelike flowers.

Paper flower with mulberry papers from Kozo Studio
Giant mulberry paper flower in Papeterie's latest exhibition "Koala’s March World"

Papeterie's preference for our collection of Mulberry papers primarily stems from the wide array of colors and textures we provide, as well as the exceptional quality of our paper.

The vast spectrum of colors available allowed her to create an extensive bouquet of paper blooms, ensuring that her artistry knew no bounds. The intricacies of her craft demanded a multitude of hues to match the shades that real flowers exhibit, and our paper range proved to be an essential palette for her artistic endeavors.

Papeterie's Mulberry Paper Flowers

Several of our mulberry papers are gracefully incorporated into Papeterie's exquisite floral designs.

Texture, too, plays an indispensable role in the meticulous craftsmanship. Papeterie found that our distinctive textured paper not only provided a rich visual depth to her creations but also allowed her to capture the essence of abstract plants and flowers.

Handmade Lace Kozo Mulberry Paper cut into Paper Flowers

Papeterie skillfully transformed Handmade Lace Kozo papers into a beautiful flower bouquet.

For Papeterie, the distinction in the quality of our paper lies in both the material and our dyeing process. Mulberry paper, known as Kozo, Washi, Hanji, and rice paper, imparts a luxurious feel with its distinctive texture not found in other papers. Meanwhile, our method of dyeing the pulp rather than the paper's surface ensures consistent color permeation, preserving vibrancy and integrity throughout.

Small Mulberry Paper Flowers Pot by Papeterie
Papeterie's cute collage featuring an assortment of our mulberry paper.

While using our paper, she encountered one inconvenience: the thinness of some sheets proved inadequate for her large 3D models. To address this issue, she ingeniously reinforces our delicate mulberry paper by adhering it to sturdy cardboard-like material, enhancing its structural integrity. Additionally, she utilizes a diverse range of our thin paper as exquisite backgrounds for her artistic creations.

Marble Mulberry Paper
Marble Kozo Paper serving as a background.
Chiri Kozo Washi Paper
Chiri Kozo Paper serving as a background.

In working with Papeterie, we've seen how her passion and creativity have truly blossomed into a stunning collection of paper flower masterpieces. Her artistry, combined with our range of mulberry papers, exemplifies the power of collaboration between creative minds and quality materials.


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